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Which Gavin game would you like to play at Framlingham?

Poll ended at Fri Nov 01, 2013 3:18 pm

WW2 - 10mm
Vietnam - 28mm
WW2 Battle of Britain 1/300th
Total votes : 15

Gavin's Games 2014

Postby levied troop » Fri Oct 25, 2013 3:18 pm

As noted in the Framlingham thread, here’s the details of Gavin’s proposed games. If you are coming, feel free to vote for the game you’d most like to play. Two votes allowed

Period - WW2Scale - 10mm
Rules - I ain't been shot mum!
Number of players possible – 2-6
Length of play – full day?
Figures – Provided and/or bring your own
Size of table - 6x4, possibly multiple tables
I'm thinking of the mini-campaign Operation Charnwood from the TFL Special a year or so ago. I can provide enough figures to do this a game at a time, running multiple tables would require perhaps more figures, would need to check. The biggest time issue will be the set up and take down of terrain. Multiple tables would allow me to generate the terrain for each area in advance and then players just move from one to another as required.

Period - Vietnam
Scale - 28mm
Basing – Individual Figures
Rules - Homebrew amendments to 2HW FNG and possibly incorporating some of Chain of Command
Number of players possible – 2-4
Length of play – Half day+ (Could be multiple games in half a day, 1 game in a day, depends what people want and how it rolls)
Figures – Provided and/or bring your own
Size of table - 6x4, possibly 8x4?
Platoon based US forces v NVA VC. Village sweep, ambush scenarios, mini campaign whatever people want

Period - WW2 Air Battle of Britain - Possibly pick up and play side game
Scale - 1/300th 1/285th
Basing - Individual planes
Rules - Check Your 6! or Bag the Hun
Number of players possible - 2-10+
Length of play - 1 Hour-2 hours
Figures - Provided, can use any that are magnet or steel "based" with my flight stands or use anyone elses flight stands
Size of table 6x4 - A big hex cloth would be useful, as mine is a little small but workable.
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